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Time is short. We understand that businesses have limited time for SST implementation. Hence, we decode the latest bill, act and guides bill which is relevant to industry and companies actual implementation.

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One of the onboard consultant, Mr.Wan Leng Whatt (Ex-deputy director of Customs) has 34 years of experience of indirect tax matters in the areas of service tax, sales tax, import and export.

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We understand that businesses will encounter more questions throughout the transition. Hence, every Pro Pack subscribers will be given up to 90 days of Whatsapp and email support.

About Sales Tax & Service Tax in Malaysia

Sales Tax Act was first introduced in Malaysia in the Year 1972 and Service Tax Act was in the Year 1975. While GST Act was implemented on 1 April 2015 to replace both Sales & Service Tax Act. After a little over 3 years, Malaysia is in the progress of changing to the new Sales & Service mechanism on 1 September 2018.

Download the latest bill by clicking the name of the bills below:

  1. Goods & Service Tax (Repeal) Bill 2018
  2. Sales Tax Bill 2018
  3. Service Tax Bill 2018

Let’s have a glance on some of the information released by RMCD on 19 July 2018. Under the Proposed Sales Tax Act 2018, the said Tax is charged and levied on taxable goods manufactured in Malaysia and goods imported into Malaysia. The rate of the sales tax is generally at 10% with some of other different rates. Do take note there are goods listed under Proposed Sales Tax (Goods Exempted From Sales Tax) Order whereby sales tax are exempted.

Exemption of sales tax on the acquisition of raw materials, components, packaging to be used in manufacturing of taxable goods (replacing CJ5, CJ5A, CJ5B) is available under Schedule C, Proposed Sales Tax (Person Exempted From Sales Tax) Order 2018. The Proposed Sales Tax Implementation Model is attached for your reference.

Under the Proposed Service Tax Act 2018, the said tax is charged on provision of taxable services. However, service tax is not charged on imported & exported services. The rate is at 6%. A specific rate of RM 25 is charged on issuance of principal or supplementary credit card and every subsequent year or part thereof. You may download the Proposed Service Implementation Tax Model here to see the list of taxable services.

Both Sales & Service Tax Act were single-stage taxes, there were no input tax credit as what we used to do in GST. Therefore, the taxes paid could be a cost to businesses. Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) do give Sales Tax exemption on application basis. Exemptions were given on limited inputs, for the raw materials used directly to manufacture taxable goods. Other than the mentioned exemption, there are facilities such as refunds and drawbacks which provide relief under specific circumstances which includes exports.

The time framework for the implementation of new SST might be challenging. Businesses have to work out a plan that able to cater the smooth transition from GST to SST. There are a few important issues that are we would like to highlight here for your early preparation while waiting for official announcement. Plan a total approach for the transition with your professional team within the stipulated time frame. Plan the GST abolishment by updating and finalise the GST liabilities and claims. Do allocate resources to check and verify the past submission and records, not to forget the on going liability whereby the authority has the responsibility to ensure GST compliance in 7 years to come after the abolishment.

On the new SST implementation arrangement, put a framework in place that starts from determining whether your products and services fall within the scope. Follow by understand the mechanism, pricing strategy, compliance, taxable period, submission and cash flow management. While working on the compliance, do note the possible change to documentation and processes. And the concern of most at this time is whether the company system and software able to adopt the new SST, so do communicate and plan with your IT team either in house or outsourced on the possible scenario and the support needed after the official announcement is released.

We help businesses with the 3 support below

Support 1: SST Return Review

For 1st Submission

  • Explore the scope and chargeability of SST of the company
  • Trace the amount stated in SST form to the supporting documents
  • Cross check the amount stated on supporting documents to accounting ledgers
  • Advise on the invoice, CN and DN format
  • Sampling check on SST related transactions
  • Review the amount inserted into SST form
  • Advise on the non compliance and liability (if any)

Support 2: WhatsApp Group & Email Support

Issues Coverage

  • GST Abolishment
  • SST Fundamentals
  • SST Implementation & Guidelines

How to Use

Best use when you needed an answer FAST or any simple ad-hoc specific uncertainties on certain GST treatment. E.g. tax code related, GST treatment related, GST accounting related, and more.

How to Use

Best use when you need Privacy & Confidentiality, or scenario base questions, or questions involving long explanation with attachment, and more.

Support 3: GAF Analysis

Choose one preferred taxable period

  • Support Scope
  • Identify whether your GAF (GST Audit File) format meet RMCD requirement for audit purposes (audit may be on going for 7 years)
  • GST 03 generated from GAF does not match with GST 03 submitted to RMCD (could trigger an audit)
  • Missing account balances in GAF when compared to Trial Balanced generated from accounting software
  • Highlight the blank mandatory fields, eg BRN (Business Registration Number)
  • Fields containing incorrect information, eg BRN appears in invoice number field
  • Missing K-1 number for imported goods in P Record element
  • Tax codes in GAF not defined in JKDM Accounting Software Guide
  • Currency Code in GAF does not comply with ISO Currency Code
  • Identify record counters in F Record Element does not match with the actual count in P, S or L Record Element
  • Advise on the non compliance and liability (if any)

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Dato' Vimmy

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- Leads e-learning to handhold business through transition
- Implemented first GST case in year 2010 for a Japanese company

Involved Speakers

Wan Leng Whatt

Wan Leng Whatt

SST Trainer & Consultant

- 35 years experiencein Sales & Service Tax
- Part of MOF/Customs team for the setting up of GST policies, model & procedure

HS Tong

HS Tong

GST-SST Team Leader

- Setup SST implementation & review framework
- Provides GST Accounting training & consult the use of Tax Codes



Software & System Expert

- Setup SST data entry framework and mapping table
- 20 years experience as a Certified Software consultant
- Conducted over 200 hands-on training session on GAF

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